A Mother, A Woman

Happy Mothers Day to Women Worldwide!

I have never cared for a child as a Mother has. Mothers take great pride in doing their best for their children. They give genuinely and wholeheartedly. It's not always a perfect attempt but their steadfastness and commitment lodges in our hearts and minds, as a love which is priceless. Give thanks to Mothers today, show appreciation to a woman today, every day- who works hard to show us her commitment and love, she is giving us her best. 


Your Happy Mothers Day Wish will be posted on the front page of site-free. Share your Mothers name and lavish her with praise and thanks for all she does which goes unmentioned most of the year. Mothers Day is May 10th, 2020. Accepting submission right up to the 11th of May 2020. Please tell us why your Mom is the greatest.


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  • What a nice touch!

    Yes mother’s are wonderful


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