After a summer break, here is an idea for change.

We can repeat, what we no longer want in our lives- a broken relationship, a job we hate. or an unfulfilling life. Without having done nothing different, we continue wish and long for change. A question we can ask is why we are reluctant to change what we are unsatisfied with. Why do we rather suffer, what we hate. 

With the explosion of information, the world does not seem to be any better for it. In fact, rather, the opposite is true, where, today all the more confusion and uncertainty prevails for many. 

Straightening our lives takes time. Change takes time. We do not change as fast and as easily as we would like, we know this all too clearly and perhaps, why we avoid delving into our obstacles head on. Stopping to smoke, repairing a broken marriage or going into a new direction for our lives takes courage and a vision, we might not know where to start. Besides we don't feel like unraveling the past-it's too long and daunting to even think about it. Stuck then we are where we are at.

Not all is lost, there is hope and help.

Where then, do we find adequate answers to suit our quest for growth and advancement from where we currently are? What is the right guidance and direction can seem like a guess, or is there waiting for us a perfect path tailor made for each of us in life?

"For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord. "They are plans for goo and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.'   Jeremiah 29:11






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