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The foundation of all knowledge.

There exists a knowledge, which reveals secrets to  personal footprints of potentiality.

Many are concerned with cracking codes of riches- on the flip side of the coin, remembering that mismanagement, poor decisions and reckless living  can rob us of our very life?

What does it mean to enjoy riches and why are we so obsessed with this idea?

For each person the idea of acquiring wealth entails a personal description.

“My view of wealth is to acquire wisdom. What about you?”

My present work will focus on the wisdom of King Solomon, considered the richest man who ever lived, with a net worth in today's standards estimated in the trillions,  he amassed his wealth through gold and salt trading in half the known world. It is written that Solomon would receive  tens of tons of gold, yearly in the thirty nine years of his reign,as King of Israel.

(1 Kings 10:14) By today’s standards he would be considered the wealthiest man in the world. Well good for him! He made it!

During his reign from 970 to 930 BC it is known that King Solomon was a man who loved wisdom, and actually counted his wealth as rubbish, compared to his knowledge base which got him, his wealth in the first place.There are many key issues and truths about his climb to success that are ignored and these secrets I will share with you in coming articles.

When one filters in the stresses and the responsibilities an empire entails we must acknowledge that a person who is named the richest man in the world is not playing and drinking all day, rather they are planning, seeking expert advice and know how from the best and educated skilled workers, the world has to offer.

Rome was not built in a day

We must factor in that the everyday efforts of each person, collectively, painstakingly over many years culminating into a a society, a city, where people thrived and enjoyed to live in. Within that thriving peace and stability, each person had time and space to build homes, families, and communities and settle down to give their best to the next door neighbor.

Building takes time, vision, resources and money. Ultimately the people of his time benefited from all that King Solomon projected and accomplished. They reaped the fruits of his labors enjoying great stability.

Fast forwarding to our cultures and time, we a individuals continue to place a high importance on money and those who crack millionaire codes. As a society today, we see less and less leaders who build for the people’s sake and enjoyment, but rather we see leaders who’s inspiration is not to serve others,nor give them a quality of life, but rather to control them and  serve their own interests and pocket books.

Will you be the next King Solomon is my question? If there will ever be another King Solomon, can we turn to you, to,  trust you in hopes of a better existence in peace and tranquility and to enjoy the fruits of a reign of a just and righteous government that has a kingdom’s best interest at heart, is a question we can ask ourselves?

Today with AI in the works, where will this leave us humans?

Today we can’t but help feel compelled to make it, to succeed to have more than enough so that we can look at ourselves and say look at me, so that we never have to worry about money ever again. We’re seeking our cash cow, our money tree, as each man looks out for his/her own interests, and rightly so because who else will?

“There are no more King Solomon's-right-

As we go about the acquisition and quests of wealth, they will be riddled with failure, suffering and sorrow. It’s  success stories we hear about that survive to their surface, that had a will for humanity as the forefront of their objective to survive, where their  core entailed  the advancement and love of one’s neighbor.

As the CEO of Medium Evan Williams believes- be clear, inform and serve people can be a guideline of patterning that we can emulate toward success today, no matter how pain staking it is.

Here are principals to follow that will get you from here to there successfully in any culture or time frame which King Solomon prescribed.

Some who have tasted power and wealth have quickly self destructed. There is the ride up and the stay there, or there is the ride up and the downfall. Power is on loan and not absolute. Do good and stay in power, do wrong and pay the piper.

Stay tuned for more on the secrets of King Solomon's success in early times which are applicable to today’s society as it was back then.


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