Christmas Time

Christmas time is a special time of year for most.

 Christmas carols, family dinners, the trill of the event makes it warm and magical.

Yet to often the name of Christ is not even mentioned even though the day and evening is  in His honor.

The running around, the flashing of credit cards,  the busyness in kitchens all to bless guest are things we love to feel and see.

Christmas has a long and glorious history which has its origins in the commemoration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ was born into this world not with a glorious entrance nor with blasts of trumpets but in a stable where animals are born. Why one might ask. 

The times of the day, the reality of life and human nature of man would not allow for "a new kid on the block" to take on any kingly territory unannounced. 

Christ was born in precarious times. 

His person and identity has to be protected and reserved until he was old enough to survive the realities and innuendo's of the human race.

Christ had a message then that rings true to this day.

We live in a world that has its own agenda and objectives, not caring about others. We are too often ignored and mistreated, like those who end their lives in hospital beds and nursing homes, those who we shove between the cracks. 

Christ too was shoved around. He held His ground till it was time to leave this earth. 

When we do not listen to the Holy Spirit we listen to a lesser spirit of confusion. 

This Christmas hold Christ true in your heart by doing good, sharing with those who are alone and by changing evil situations into good ones. Evil hurts but love is the balm of healing. For this Christ was born to heal.

Merry Christmas to all.

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