Declare a Holy Fast

When was the last time you opened your Bible and spent quality time with the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus Christ. When was the last time or the first time you fasted to get closer to God for direction.

Spiritual practices are the most rewarding and primordial gestures of soul feeding that most ignore or do not take seriously.

On the opposite side having sweet communion with the Trinity each morning brings a joy and peace to anyone's heart and soul.

God is saying repeatedly come to me and I will give you rest.

There comes a time when too God gets tired of telling us the same thing over and over again. Meaning you ran to the phone instead of worshipping me this morning and God is asking

" What did your phone give you, more than I would do for you? "

Spending time each morning in the presence of the Trinity compares to none. 

1. Put God first in your morning.

2. Pray over your family before they leave the front door.

3. God's power is at work, so we don't have to struggle.

4. Be peaceful, be happy, be honest and fruitful. God is watching.

Spending time in the presence of the Holy Spirit brings rewards and hopes like none other. Put down the cell phone, turn off the computer. Pick up the Bible, sing Psalms, pray and declare a Holy Fast and return to God.

Choose what is best and forget the rest that does not serve you or your life.

 "Come to me and I will give you rest, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew 11:28




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