Girls Our Greatest Asset.

Since the beginning of time, in the garden of Eden Females have not had a easy time on earth.

"It's the woman you gave me," syndrome originated by Adam.

Was meant as an evil insult to our input to man. But for too many who believe in the lie will fall into the countless pearls and demise of male suppression which God wants no part of for His female creation.

Moving forward many, many years later, females have learned a thing or two about our place and role in societies today. But not all is well and our world conditions and our place in it-show something is terribly askew and in need of addressing.

What happened in the garden story has never been shared in this way- because we wanted to believe that we are inferior or lesser than, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth wills set you free-But you need to know what the truth is to use it, follow it and apply it to your everyday life situation so that you're not scathed by male dogma and confusion. 

What is this truth?

In HER Image-Exposing the Female Side of God- Amazon Books- explains all the answers that every girl should know and share with her same sex friends.

It will mean the difference between your life and death as a female.

It does pay to be positive even after a bad start or horrible upbringing. There is hope as long one is breathing- there is hope of good change.

The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord, starting from which mate to choose and what to teach your children with will make all the difference in your homes and lives moving forward intact.

Read: In Her Image-Exposing the Female Side of God.

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