Goodgol your game!

There is a lot of pressure today

No one enjoys being less than where they think they should be, & this reality is often on people's minds. Is there more that I can do, and often, the answer is-yes!

We have all heard the phrase...enjoy the journey?

Unfortunately many have not, do not, and will not enjoy their journey."

Please explain 

Lord open the person's mind reading this blog to be illuminated with your Holy Spirit.



I Take care of my body. A sick body is a loaded responsibility and a burden to me, family, state, and health care system. Hurtful imbalances in my daily routine tip the scale toward ill health. Humans are sick due to no fault of their own. We lift them up in prayer for healing and strength. Get anointed with oil by a pastor or priest- say I am determined to get well as much as it depends on me, I ask God for ideas to be healthy. If I am not battling sickness, I take care of what I got because I am the temple of God.

I Do not eat too much sugar because it produces problems for my mind and body. I Do not drink too much alcohol because it destroys, my mind, my health and my quality of life, causing marital, social and isolation problems in my life. I get rid of the "demon" behind my addiction. I call the demon out - hiding behind my habit, once and for all. 

I Stay connected with my body & mind by exercising, and feeling my body, my pain, my needs.  I Do not numb my body and/or mind with drugs, medication or any thing that separates connection from my head and body. My mind and body connection operate as one, guiding me truthfully. I address each pain and my suffering with reason and not fear. I reason out the situation logically and with calmness. Medication and mind altering substances only string out my nervous system and make me more and more agitated and unable to cope in the long run. Rather I fill my head with healthy & empowering truths that produces good fruit in my life. Not rotten fruits of thoughts and labors that do not serve me well. I Fight, I fight my negative feelings and overturn them into actions I am best for. 

My body is not a responseless machine to be numbed -do not hurt your body in anger. Rather I treat my body, as a friend and helper which hosts the essence of God, Who leads me and guides me to good things each day - I listen well taking good council. 

I Get fresh air, I do a sport I can do easily.

"I Walk in nature."

 . . .

This was truth arrow number one. Today and every day-religiously I will do what serves me good. Next time the spirit can show me,  another truth to add to my daily life, toward my success and my happiness. 

I do not expect to be healthy and fit and feel good, when I do nothing wise, to produce healthy and happy actions. I reap what I sow.

. . .



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