I saw a black man holding a piece of cardboard box over his head at a four way intersection.

At a four way intersection.  

After just getting on the bus, from a hard day at work, my eye caught a thin black young man holding a cardboard sign over his head at a four way intersection. I could not see what was written on his sign since his back was turned from my view.  

What was he asking for I thought- maybe a homeless man? 

I though he must be hard up, people panhandling for money at intersections is common. Was this man asking for money or a ride, to the next city?

Pretty bold I thought and desperate- oh well.

When the bus turned around and we drove passed the same man again, this time facing him I could read what was written on his piece of cardboard box, with untiring arms held over his head, that read.



I wonder how many people or even Christians would dare do this- for neighbors to see. Stand at a street light intersection holding up a sign that reads


 Many would be ashamed to do this -  profess Christ the Lord at a neighborhood intersection..What would the neighbors think.

The respect this man has for Christ - is commendable. His dedication and his love is outstanding in my opinion. He is not ashamed of Christ over his reputation or ego-what matters is that Christ is glorified.

That young man who held up the sign does not know that a woman on the bus who noticed him is writing a article about his faith. He may never know the difference he made in people's lives as he stood there with vehicles driving by.

Did this young man think- is this making a difference-is anyone paying attention to my sign after all? In faith he stood there with the intention of glorifying the LORD. He does not know the outcome of the details of what he did.

One of the many truths about the LORD is that He is invisible. Yet present in our lives and hearts if you and me just acknowledge HIM, He then acknowledges us.

We ignore what we dislike and or hate. But this does not erase their essence. Likewise with Christ.

We may never come to understand or grasp certain concepts about the LORD- but there is still one truth or many truths that lead to an ultimate truth whether we decide or want to believe or care to contemplate.

The world is suspended and rotating in outer space- fact whether we believe or not. Not many would have believed this reality if others did not create a spacecraft and instruments to take pictures from outer space. Whether instruments where created or not the fact remains that the earth is dangling in outer space.

What does it mean to believe in Christ? What does it signify to reject Him and to deny His Essence and Being?

Atheists, Witches, and Non believers, have their beliefs.Who really cares.

What they hold are- just that - beliefs and their views do not necessarily represent reality or absolute truths. What I believe about the LORD is not my view or belief but rather a statement made by the LORD Himself.  This is the difference between a believer and a non believer.  A believer believes what s/he cannot prove or see but in faith and obedience accepts. A non believer knows that God and Christ exist but dismisses them or ignores their existence.

Persons in a free societies believe as they decide. As long as those beliefs do not harm others in any way shape or form under the law, constitution or in absence of neighborly love.

The reality is that today far to many of us ignore our neighbors and we err as we ignore what is true.

People or persons are not barometer of all truth of matters.There are simply some discussions and ideas or things that are indisputable - they must just be believed. You do or do not believe that your spouse loves you.

Because truth is not subjective or skewed to sole individual understanding its   evaluated for the good it affects for person and for the greatest good overall.

There is a power in Christ that must be understood as a source of healing and hope and truth that the human race must contemplate deeper.

Because our humanity is constant state of decay and perpetual death through the human race of continuity, we pass on truths that are absolute and binding.

Jesus is the LORD of the Universe and the Son of God.

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,  Hebrews 1:3

Now that's what you call faith.













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