Maxim For Today- Life Artist

 More than ever, financial freedom is craved without having prepared for the lifestyle of responsibilities that comes with it, nor having en-captured  true values or lessons of life.

Financial freedom at one point, was a end of work-life goal, for persons nearing the age of fifty five. Today people as young as twelve, seek freedom from work and responsibility. 

Self learning as self knowledge is a crucial component of living fully, which one cannot ever ignore, and for which some struggle to achieve contently. Why is self happiness seemingly difficult to grasp and why do we seek these "secrets" of success and happiness. 

One answer can be - a human need for security, comfort and peace. Natural desires versus poverty, ignorance, pain or lack. 

All over the globe humans can be sad, lost,unhappy, mistreated, and impoverish. Some are doing better than others, and some are not doing well to the point of death - as much as it depends on us- we don't have to remain in precarious levels of demise. Right knowledge is the answer.

A good and alert conscious is gold.

How do we get this treasure of knowledge before our time runs out?

There are all kinds of "schools of thoughts " such as "the ladder must be leaning on the right wall" otherwise your having to climb back down the rungs, and back up a more "suitable" ladder.

It's okay to fail and make mistakes its part of life- yet one comes to realizes that a successful  "base" or foundation is needed to propel ones life upward. 

Experience make any work easier, and this experience comes through living authentically with perseverance.

"We need the right mentors and the right friends along the way to make the work all the more pleasant."

Each person's life can be likened to a work of art which with each paint-staking step by step, through careful decision making culminates into a beautiful piece of art - a masterpiece is not paint dumped on the canvas thoughtlessly but best planned through- thought by thought, step by step, prior to one beginning their craft. There are steps that must be done first and some steps left for the end. 

"A culminated work of perfection called a masterpiece hides all the pain and struggles of its process." 

Artistic ordering and planning is similar to life. It is the gradual correct construction and building of the work that makes the art successful. Choice of colors, theme and subject, message and perspective. All these decisions collectively pondered bring about a desired outcome. Without these applied truths a work looks awry.

Life is very similar- without the right moves life can be a shapeless picture.

Good and right knowledge required

Art likened to life is where one is a life artist - as one prepares carefully to meet the challenges ahead through planning in overcoming obstacles and avoiding the pains of mistakes. Most of our attempts end in failure and through trial and error, cause and effect, we do eventually come around to success. if we don;'t give up.

The benefits of the right tools and knowledge will make the difference in the outcome of one's life. Whether that life will be painted one step at a time toward successful completion of beauty or with strokes and choices of debauchery and decisions that mess up the canvas of one's life.

 For most of us it is a struggle , yet well worth the journey of trying and retrying, never giving up for our quest for excellence, as true self expression, honors God above all else, honoring one's work as life artist, becomes clearer and stronger.with time, experience and tenacity.

"Then I was beside Him, as a master craftsman, and I was daily His delight. Rejoicing always before Him. Rejoicing in His inhabited world. And my delight was with the sons of men."    Proverbs 8:30

Happy Creating!


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