Sacred Art

Art was often sacred in subject matter and religious in theme. Though many works of art originate from Italy, much of the known art-world has or is depicting Biblical themes in its artwork. Biblical stories originate from a Judaic culture because the theme of salvation originates from the Jews of Ancient Israel.This culture originated in Ancient Israel where it is written that God walked with humankind. "You worship what yo do not know: we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews." John 4:22 

Some societies strove to follow God. Their rituals were difficult, and a strict code of conduct was expected. Their journey was not easy one, the Jewish people struggled and groped with concepts of the transcendent similar to how we struggle and grope with the concept of God to this very day. We know in part, we understand in part. We know something but not everything we are both human and have the divine within us. Man and woman imperfect, to end, yet reaching for eternity. 

This struggle is conveyed in the sacred works of art through people just like me and you.

God spoke through the prophets, Jesus Christ taught the Word throughout His ministry and life, through the Holy Spirit through truth that is the books of the Bible. These resources then and to this day make up of extraordinary array of works of art, literature, and churches to this day. People love their churches and their fate.

Artistic religious works of art were spiritual in nature, depicting Bible scenes,or a character in the Bible. The church was the most important connection between woman and man to the transcendent. The role of the clergy, priests and lay people were the very life source of it's community. Often Bible passages described the moral condition and character of the figures portrayed. These stories reveal people who were trying to have a  genuine understanding with the Transcendent, Often the people in the Bible where not of noble character or reputation. Some were Kings who did as they wished, meaning they did evil in the God's sight and not good, leading rather their kingdom down a wrong path of occult demon worship or paganism- worshiping demons or idols which God was jealous and angry with. Others committed their lives and works to the  watchful eye of God the all seeing eye and experienced His favor, protection and help. 

The Sacred Word, holds truths for millions of people today worldwide. To some the   stories are just that-stories and to others they are the very Words of God, speaking directly through the passages and people of the Bible.This is a sacred matter indeed.

 Collectively we know of a force outside ourselves, we die and life continues. "The Prime Mover" as Thomas Aquinas recounts of a God who initiates the first move toward us, us being finite,with end.But gives us opportunity and invitation to continue with Him forever. Because mankind seeks connection and relationship with the Sacred within us- the ever living outside of us,the tri-une God makes this attempt to us. The Holy Spirit touching the lives of the imperfect, which the perfect compels us to live out with His help and nature and name. This name is Jesus the Christ LORD who made himself a man and walked among us will help those who call on His name. Romans 10:11 "For the Scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame."


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