Is Hell better?

Depression and Suicide are not new situations. The history of human kind, cleverly finds ways to end one's suffering.


"People experience pain in all sort of ways, and to be honest, seldom do they find relief."

"Life can come across as harsh,cruel and unforgiving." 

But this is not the way-to go down in flames. Though man is evil and despicable- we do not need to join his rank. 

Find a mentor, a support group and don't block out people from your life - your priest, parent or siblings.


Share your pain and be transparent no matter how vulnerable this makes you look and feel! Let's break the curse of suicide starting with the reader, today!

Humans want to share their pain with others.

Increasingly there is little space or place for our voice, pain or thoughts to be heard. People need more than Facebook accounts- we desire something real and more humane.

"Humans were not meant to be silently voiceless."

People should not be our strength of hope or trust- because people are imperfect and normally do not realize what they are doing or how inept they are acting toward what we feel is un-acceptable behavior. We cannot be all things to all people at all times. Jesus did not confide in man because He knew what was inside a man- and neither should we. 

Too often there is no one to confide in, because we want to share with someone who means something to us- someone we can relate with and who we have something in common with.

But all to often those we want to trust are not available to us. We feel alone and empty, and that our very existence seems irrelevant.

Not so!

Accomplishing  a successful suicide does not ensure a entry into a peaceful utopia after life. Leaving this seemingly life of pain, does not implicitly signify that I enter in a paradise of peace and pleasure. BE AWARE!

"Caveat- more is required- the knowledge of the afterlife. If you dislike life on earth what makes you think Hell is any better? "

Suicide and self murder leaves behind an eternal void of grief of what if's- the living carry in bafflement and disappointment each day of their lives. Is this revenge perhaps? 

"Vengeance is mine says the LORD

 I will repay!"

Our silence of pain and suffering we believe no one is interested in hearing. Our voice silenced and quieted with no hopes in sight to share. 


With a world of people and closeness of family one can still experience deep feelings of emptiness.

"Too often today we are medicated, drugged and drunk to a point of dangerous demise."

"These escapes do not solve our problems but amplify them and take us further and further away from ourselves into a state of confusion."

Face yourself and your life- one gesture at a time with God's help and Word. The word is all you need. Because the power of God is in the words. It's like breathing out flames of fire and power like a dragon unto your mind of life.

I became overwhelmed when a family on Facebook shared a post that their thirteen year old daughter, attempted suicide-  failed. The parents found their daughter hanged alive. Now as Iris, is in hospital experiencing brain dead symptom's. Please pray that she has eternal life and that she is being healed and that she is covered by the blood of Christ. As well pray for her family who are beside themselves devastated with pain.

King David of Bible endured much rejection, hatred and pain of broken family relations and the reality of little support or guidance from those around him. 

 Psalms 18: 4

"The cords of death encompassed me, and the floods of ungodliness made me afraid. The sorrows of Hell surrounded me; The snares of death confronted me, In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried  out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, And my cry came before Him, even to His ear." 

  • Decide mentally to accept voices in your head that are only positive voices- any negative though should immediately be rejected outright..
  • Tell your mind what to think, and not vice versa.
  • Control your soul and not your "soul" control you. Determine  you will listen to God's powerful voice and how He views you. 

There are two voices in our minds. satan's voice and God's voice. God's voice is positive and  empowering and is attained through reading the word of God which is likened to a sword. 

Ask God to take over and change everything- to make it all alright.

" For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."   Jeremiah 29:11

Psalm 62  Further Reading to banish depression and suicide thoughts.

Psalm 63  Further Reading to banish depression and suicidal thoughts.

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