Talk on Codes.
What are people talking about these days?
As a Change Agent, there is never short of material. Companies have ethics, government have ethics, families have ethics. Ethics are like standards that an organization or group of people abide by.
Sadly, too often, our ethics verbalized, written down on paper, on plaques or on stone are not adhered too.

"The reality is that we can talk and talk and write and write codes down, but unless they are adhered too, it does not make society any better for it."

Why are ethics and rules and laws being ignored is a question we can ask ourselves?


When codes are declared, the issuer of the material most often knows that the very requests will be forgotten and overlooked.

People break laws. People break promises. People do wrong.

Think for example a Mother who asks her son to clean up his room and the son replies  "later" but he never gets it done.  Here is seemingly innocent  violation of a code of ethic that a Mother wants adhered to but is too often overlooked as unimportant.

Another example is where dumping waste into a natural water source is overlooked despite bylaws and rules against it ,and the dumper does not care because they get away with it.


Another example is driving drunk when one knows the driving rules about this criminals act. 

Why do we not adhere to codes of conduct?

We lack the moral strength and training.


Let's get back to talking and taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.

For talks on Ethics or Public ethics please contact for call. Fees Apply,

Santa Santina Gatta B.A (Hons) Ethics,  M.A  Public Ethics is an influencer & speaker in the Ottawa area. 


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