The Crucifixion



This will not be a regular blog on the death of Christ our Lord, though the season calls for it.

I often ponder on possibilities I do not yet fully understand. What is He getting at that I am not seeing right now is a comment I at times make.       

His Words true, but most relevant Christ is the Savior of the World and His knowledge base is Supreme, not ours.Our Lord who agreed to be born through a woman, lived as a human being only to be murdered speaks volumes about our nature as man.

Christ was murdered publicly. 

Where were all the people He healed? Could not a group of citizens come to His rescue. Could not one come to His side and defend Him for what His life stood for. All deserted Him. Group think, the mob ruled. The crowd chanted. Kill Him, kill Him! Some did not know Him, but went along with the crowd, Most where those who found Him a nuisance, those who had no use for justice and compassion. 

How much patience He exemplified as a human being. He processed through His emotions, like any of us. I wonder what His self talk was like. You know those thoughts in the silence of our minds every waking minute.Does this not in itself deserve reverence and honor from nay Sayers and haters of Christianity? Jesus had rights too as a human being, but all to sad they were taken away from Him.

Today it is not uncommon to see written and said words that dismiss our Lord outright. As an example, I do not understand chemistry fully should I then dismiss its premises and foundation.Of course not this would be absurd. Should those of us who have no understanding or basis of Christs Word be judge of it? No we should not. If you don't understand something ask questions and seek meaning and truth in all fairness.

Billions of us can't all be wrong. We are saying something. 





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