There is no God!

"The evil and the hatred on earth. God is no where to be found!"

Why does God not step in and do something?

I have been a Christian for a very long time- through thick and thin- and seen and see the good, the ugly, and the bad.

God is not a liar and His Word is the standard- God has been at this a long time. He does not need our help or approval. We do not make His Word true or false. It is what it Is, without our approval or opinions.

"Don't use God."

The problem we do not understand, we are lazy and hypocrites not telling the truth or wanting to change.

God had given us rules to follow and if we don't follow them there will be grief, sickness and trouble.

Don't blame God- look at yourself and notice well others who do wrong and expect great results.

God gave the human race ten commandments.

The following... 

Notice that each one of the commandments has to do with, how we treat the other, our neighbor.

We are rude to parents, lust after married people, we steal from others through greed, we hate on others because we do not have what we selfishly lust.

We are evil and haters and then blame God for not stepping in. We do not listen to God, nor care about what He says and then we want Him to step in when its convenient for us. We are obnoxious in self pity and idolatry. For each of us, what we do has a lateral and vertical effect on ourselves and others. This is why the ten commandments were given to us. So that we on earth curb evil. It's not about religion- its about peace on earth, one gesture at a time.

Love thy neighbor as ourselves. Learn and practice loving your neighbor and love yourself and be righteous and fair.

Then your life will slowly start to fall into place piece by piece. Message grow up even when your not getting your way.

Deuteronomy 6



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