Time is on my side

Has the worldwide COVID epidemic brought us closer together or created deeper loneliness? Today, did you get an opportunity to ask one person how their day went? Today help someone out by offering a ride, a gesture of help. Do something for free, call someone, and ask how they are doing during COVID? Ask how you can help? Do an act of charity and goodwill, no matter how silly it might sound. Reconnect with a parent, sibling, or spouse. Reconnect with your children, Reconnect with Jesus Christ, and solidify your salvation and place in eternal life. Help those affected by the closure of churches like our pastors and priests who depend on our giving and financial support?  Give genuinely and with a cheerful countenance. Be the change you want to see by taking one action at a time against apathy and laziness. Get out there and get active.  Stay in the game!

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