Why don't animals struggle with Identity Crisis?

Identity is everything to one wellbeing. Searching and trying to find one's place in life, is not easy especially when you are coming from a bad situation and predicament. Nothing can be good because it all bad.

When one does not feel well in their skin or you're in need of human affirmation where there is no one to turn to- especially not family. These realities feel like an void and loss to one's soul and being.

Family can be our greatest place of pain, only to deepen the need for connection eluding us to find solutions and answers anywhere that takes away our painful feelings away. For many they fall into drugs, alcohol or medication. Others turn to sex, the occult for power. What then becomes the outcomes of your choices of poison? Are you worst off than you were or the better for it?

How can life be so unfair? Why does life have to go this way. Where is the help, where are the answers and why am I confused about who I am. Who can I turn to for answers. If I cannot talk to my parents or siblings for guidance or for good role modeling than where do I go for help?

The obvious choice is unobvious. So much information and choices to pick from but not all roads lead to Rome, however. Trial and error if we make it through its testing- does rules the day of certainty. 

I think of the Israelites in the wilderness trekking the forty-year journey which was supposed to be an eleven-day journey. Like me, they did not go the easy route or the express route. They went the long hard way.

If your wise listen to good advice. Read the Bible, go to a good Bible teaching church. Give your life to Christ and allow Christ to give you the identity that was yours since the creation of the world.



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