What is Sacred Today?


One of my joys of life is to attend church. It's one of our last Sacred Institutions with a rich story of art, scripture, custom, and liturgy.

Churches have a long history and carry the love and dedication of quality materials to show their pride and love for the Sacred. The stain-glassed windows, elaborate artwork, carved wood, and marble, or wardrobe of the clergy.  These items often were worked freely with no cost to the church.

Because these places of worship were for the very people who worked to make them beautiful. The gifts and talents of each person continues to unite our humanity to God.

The rituals and customs of the church are some of my most precious and sacred memories where the divine meets humans in everyday life.

The church is a special space of reflection where we meet attitudes of grace and forgiveness. Were those we have trouble liking, become people, to us again, and remind us that we are in effect all the same. In need of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

We need a winning combination today, one that is solid and trustworthy, that won't break or fumble or deceive us.

"Christ The Rock is this answer"


Traveling throughout the world one sees churches of different sizes and conditions. These places have stories, if the walls could talk, the voices of those who served and attended these churches prayed and lived and gave faithfully to the idea of the space of where good should prevail over evil.

These precious places hold the weight of the lives of billions of people through the centuries and the age of the church who's voice is crying out for solace, support, answers, help in silence,  in privacy, and out loud.

God does hear our prayers, yet there comes a time where the Lord is asking us to be the answer to other people's prayers. This sacred space should be reserved as such. A place where the saints assemble in the sincerity of heart. Take care of the priests. Honor them and be obedient to them. so that their work is not burdensome. No one wants to be in a position where they sacrifice and have grief upon grief for being in any position. Remember that the wrong we do and when we confess to God, HE can handle it.

Make sure that when we confess to any person we are confident they are able to endure the words we share with them. We can ask God to prepare their hearts before we meet with them or we can ask God to send us the right person to confide in or ask the Lord to show us who to talk too. Not all people are able to help us. We need divine connections as Christian preacher Joyce Meyers says.


A priest like ministers are servants of God. They are there to teach us how to live properly and to encourage us to do good. To read the Bible, the very Words and thoughts of God, the priests encourage us to give for without our giving there is no temple to worship in and we take pride in our buildings because they house our thoughts and our spiritual interests which are sacred and holy.

The church is important to our lives. They are a place of worship which humans desperately need and where we meet. We need a space where we admit that we don't always have the right answers, we need a space where we admit we are not perfect or always right. That we messed up and acted improperly.  We make mistakes and falter and need a place to say " I am sorry" God loves His creation and it is healthy to check in once a week to get fed spiritually and to be humbly reminded that we are dust. One day we will die and meet our Maker. Therefore live on earth wisely and in connection with the Creator of your soul. 

The altar, the priests, and the church are my heart's greatest content. Why because priests are still today called into their position as sacred unto God and in turn serve the congregation. Stand up for the right to go and attend your local church. Yes abide by the rules of government but voice your opinion that Church is a protected space of worship where the protection of God resides. Those who depend on the protection of God receive it in full. The very constitution declares in its first- quote ...

 "Whereas Canada is founded upon principals that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law." God protects his people and those who are ill do not come to church for the love of the brethren and themselves.

 Priests have a great sense of discernment and insight which is profound for our healing and guidance. The church is a place where we are reminded that we need to change and repent.

Visit and support your community church and serve whole hardheartedly. Never go to church empty-handed and remember the clergy which serves you and devotes their lives for your benefit. Do not grieve them for then their work would be grievous and unfruitful for us.

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