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My Why?

 Help & Guidance Is A Right.

We all go through life changing, whether we like it or not. One can't help but share what been learned, shouting it from the roof tops. Especially when we came through our darkest valleys- alone.

God knew humankind would need Him. Knowing right from wrong-good from evil is not as obvious as it seems.

My story and life quest is-  healing & thriving from the inside out. I had simple request and desires such as career, friendship or a vision. How pathetic I would think, as I look in the mirror and swear- I could see God's light on my face. But where is he in my life.

Something is wrong I'm thinking. I wish I have it all together but don't. I need to go deeper and find out what is amiss- if you have ever had these thoughts yourself I want to lelt you know that your on your way to your destiny, your dreams and your aspirations. Keep going!