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IN HER IMAGE-Exposing The Female Side of God.


Women have not had a easy time since the creation of the world. In fact before the world was made and before humankind and Satan was thrown to the earth Satan constantly wages war against "the woman" and likewise war is waged against us while we are on earth.

How do we change this in the spiritual realm is up to  each and every female alive. We can be this important change. Unfortunately because we live in naivety and ignorance Satan uses this to its advantage. 

Beware and be on your guard. The garden story is not a fairy tale of cute naked people in a garden holding a red shiny apple. 

Read the true story of the garden story and the truth will forever change the way you see yourself female and will change the way you act moving forward. You can make 2023 a year where your identity gets restored the way God made you and intended.  please write me. Free download of book or Support me at Amazon Kindle, 

Santa Santina Gatta, M.A Public Ethics, B.A (Hons) Ethics, Theology B.A

Grant Cardone University Certificated.10X Financial Freedom, Business Builders Certificate.

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