Mother's Day


Mothers. Women are mothers- nurturing, guiding and caring, whether we have given birth or not.

Each human being was born through a woman. The pregnant woman  ushers a child into existence with the help of Almighty God who gives life. What greater gift to the world.

Without women no one would exist. Women are a resource of life and goodness to most.

We take care of. We help and work. We keep things together, we guide and protect. And most of all we pray, we pray for those around us and we pray for those who are forgotten by society.

Today give thanks to a woman by smiling at her, helping her, and by being nice to her, listening to her and respect her. Do not use or hurt women. Treat them like a person with rights and freedoms ordained by God and the law. Be her defense of help where you can fill in and serve her with a  whole heart and expect nothing in return. 

Happy Mother's Day to all women worldwide. 

God today is Mother's Day. May each women which you have made and created be blessed, protected and sanctified under your protection and be filled with wisdom and strength to carry on in these end times. Amen.


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