The Small Print of Creation Story.


I love the language of silence- it speaks volumes. Nature through wooded areas, runs through a park, listening to crunching of rock under my shoes, as I pass by flower beds. The sun and heat of the day. Priceless.

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Looking at the beauty of creation, the vegetables growing in the community gardens, the sun and the rain that folds over each plant uniquely. The night and the day accommodating our needs for work and for rest, and the coveted week- end comes like clockwork each time. The sea and the mountains provide, the sky and the land, the earth has been a pleasure and a gift from the Creator-seemingly nothing missing or to be improved upon.


Being a Christian for many years, I know to thank God each night before tucking into bed for all my blessings, and to ask for forgiveness for doing and saying things that played against myself and others.

As part of creation from the first man and women-Adam and Eve It obvious that people are not as good as creation is. The beauty of creation is breathtaking and constant, sure and solid-forever giving without cost or price.

However humans come with a cost, and price and we can be ugly in comportment all to often as least is the case What happened to humanity and where did human demise begin. Join me in the garden story to revisit where the human journey began and where we went wrong.

Identity, purpose and vision are notions all persons need to feel fulfilled and to thrive and it has nothing to do with one's sex. It has to do with serving and creating goodness. Let us create goodness in our lives.

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