What did Ancient Philosophers Get Wrong?

Much has been written about the Good Life

But was enough said?

Most of us seek a good life, but end up missing the train altogether?

 I remember my university days in Philosophy class, contemplating great thinkers of the past, such as Aristotle, Plato and George Bernard Shaw.

The class evaluated the validity of these past thinkers' views and if they stood the test of time for our societies today. Concepts of virtue, courage and friendship ring true as they do today and back then. 

As I walk through the city of Ottawa, when a pedestrians sport a bag with the logo. "The GoodLife" thoughts immediately transport me to my university days of philosophy class again, this bag however is advertising a gym called "The Goodlife".

Jesus Christ Our Lord or Aristotle were referring to notions quite different other than a gym membership in their day, when they spoke and wrote about living a good life, they were implying living out one's life in a manner that promoted their own human happiness and flourishment.

"The good life as well can refer to a peaceful and happy life."

People seek peace and happiness, but too often this quest is evasive, eluding and slippery.

"The GoodLife" is a loaded comment."

Those who have reached the pinnacle of fame or riches share their accomplishments on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, but might not necessarily share the fact that they are unhappy. 

"What is missing is the quality of the relationships."

Anyone who has arrived, can attest to the road that led to the Goodlife was not as easy as it's been made out to be. One's own personal journey is best told by the one who never gives up and drudges amidst the agony of defeat and disappointment. To go it alone is unbearable and to be surrounded by friends and mentors makes the journey the more bearable.

Aristotle spoke of having courage and fortitude and temperance and friends along the way. This is nice if you can get it but what happens to the majority of us when there are no friends, when we've had a bad start, when nothing is right, and the Goodlife is nowhere in sight?

All the talks, reading and contemplation of the "Goodlife " was not useful nor improved my life in any way, shape or form.  Their philosophy did not change me. 

"Why is a question we can ask?"

Reading about the Goodlife did not make me more ethical or logical or wiser just by reading. This is the problem with any advice given to us.

"Passing off advice, does not guarantee change."

More is required and there are answers. There is a Goodlife for those who persist and never give up. It does not cost anything to learn or get into relationship with. But it does take a commitment and courage and some understanding.

Being a follower of Christ message is this GoodLife.

Christ says I AM the Way and the Life. 

Allow me to explain.


Why and how one might ask. It is in the relationship that makes it all real. We could not have a relationship with someone of long ago who prescribed notions of change or of a good life. We simply choose to accept or reject what they say or even contemplate what they have said. We can like myself talk and share and convey truth and knowledge, but we can't make anyone do anything about it. The choice is theirs.

This is where preaching or teaching goes wrong.

What if you could be with a mentor who never lets you down, is patient with you and guides you and knows the Goodlife end result. 

i encourage you to find and seek this friend and partner. His name is Jesus Christ. He is free, available and willing to give you your best life.

"For I know the plans I have for you says the LORD. For those who are in Christ, God has promised that our shortcomings are forgiven, and we stand before God justified not condemned. God has plans for those in Christ, and those plans are good.





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